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Kyle Mitchell

Senior Systems Engineer

About Me

I'm currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer at Amwell (NYSE:AMWL) in Boston, Massachusetts. Amwell (American Well Corporation) is a leading innovator for telehealth services. I'm a member of the team responsible for ensuring the reliability, compliance, security, and availability of all production server infrastructure (on-premises and cloud). I'm in love with Linux, server management, web development, and just about every other tech. If you came here on your own or because I told you to: welcome and please feel free to contact me!

Contact Me

Kyle Mitchell
Boston, MA
(774) 260-0489



NYSE: AMWL | Boston, MA

Senior Systems Engineer

05/2021 - present

  • Increased leadership role on top of regular Systems Engineer responsibilities.
Systems Engineer

10/2019 - 05/2021

  • Support production systems hosted on platforms such as ESXi, AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Evaluate new products, tools, and infrastructure platforms.
  • Help to ensure compliance with security and data handling policies to meet PCI, HIPAA, and other standards.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation.
  • Collaborate with multiple teams to ensure the availability and security of production environments.

Akamai Technologies

NASDAQ: AKAM | Cambridge, MA

Senior Platform Operations Technician

09/2017 - 10/2019

  • Manage and maintain a network of over 250,000 Linux servers deployed worldwide.
  • Diagnose issues identified by server monitoring tools and determine actions required to resolve these issues.
  • Work with various third parties (Engineers, System Architects, Infrastructure Vendors, Customers, and Developers) to achieve resolution on service-affecting issues.
  • Clearly and effectively document information in the Trouble Ticket system for communication to coworkers, other departments, and service providers.

AIR Worldwide

Boston, MA

Technical Support Analyst Co-op

05/2016 - 05/2017

  • Support installation and operation of AIR’s keystone software.
  • Team with customers and coworkers to troubleshoot problems and get server environments to production quality.
  • Testing and installation of the software’s various cloud components.
  • Develop various in-house web and software applications to streamline software building and development.

Wentworth LIT

Boston, MA

Instructional Technology Assistant

09/2014 - 09/2017

  • Wentworth Department of Learning, Innovation & Technology
  • Integrate universal design (aim to make the product more usable to the widest range of abilities and handicaps) into many aspects of class curriculums so they are accessible to all 3,500 students.
  • Test, demonstrate, and explain new software to faculty.
  • Communicate with faculty to understand and update functionality of available services.
  • Customize website graphic designs and videos for a cleaner department image.

Industrial Communications

Marshfield, MA

IT Intern

06/2013 - 09/2015

  • Collaborate with coworkers to maintain the company’s servers, hardware, software, SANs, migration planning, and networking infrastructure.
  • Work with virtual machines, Linux, graphic design, and Active Directory.
  • Distribute and service the computers and cellphones of 50 employees to streamline their workflow and keep them on task.
Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Swim Coach

01/2011 - 04/2014

  • Teach swim lessons to children ranging from ages 1 - 10.
  • Coach swim practices for children ranging from ages 8 - 14.
  • Lifeguard open swim, birthday parties or events, and triathlons.


B.Sc. Computer Information Systems; Minor in Computer Networking

09/2014 - 08/2018

Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) is an independent, co-educational, technical, design, and engineering college located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Linux/Unix-Based System Administration, Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server Administration, Physical and Cloud Server and Virtual Machine Management (and Related Orchestration Tools), Docker/Kubernetes, Network Administration, Scripting and Automation (Bash, Python), Web Development (HTML/CSS/JS), Project Management


Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout, Varsity Swim Team Captain/Regional Champions, Dean’s List


Server Management (esp. Linux-Based), Web Development, Swimming, Biking, Gaming, Technology, Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems, Software Development, Computer Maintenance and Repair (Software and Hardware)


Quad - New Tab Page

Quad is a Chrome/Firefox extension that replaces the New Tab page and Homepage. It is meant to be a minimal New Tab page with quick access to 4 websites. Each quadrant has a link that can be changed. Hovering over each quadrant changes the center diamond color. There is a light and dark mode available. Settings sync if a user is signed in to the browser.

Source Code | Firefox Extension | Chrome Extension