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Here is are some quick links, let me know if any links break.

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Files and videos I've shared will be available here.

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0h h1

Simple strategy game; has a similar feel to Sudoku.


Who doesn't know what 2048 is? If you don't just click the link.

A Dark Room

A simple text-based adventure game.

Elevator Saga

A JavaScript programming game to make the most efficient elevator.


Simple, fast-paced game; like a six sided Tetris.


Open, create, and edit .kdbx password databases. It is hosted by me, no information leaves that page, everything is local to your computer.

Opens in this tab.
Version 1.6.3

Passphrase Generator

Generate memorable, secure passwords.

Simplex Solver

Linear programming problem solver, also does integer and mixed programming. Credit to srcostenoble on GitHub.